Reflection on my campaigns

I worked individually  for the project, which I picked balancing ecosystem to be my topic. My previous plan was to show understanding by doing slogans or posters. But basically I changed because it is too complicated for me to explain my topic. I gave a speech to the class and I prepared a short video, however it cannot be play on the screen because some  technical problems.

Basically I think everyone did their great jobs on their projects, everyone shows their understanding in different ways. Sometimes I feel very struggling with environmental problems such as ecosystem or global warming, because for me human have to spend a long period to change those situations. So I wrote a speech about my perspective  to this campaigns, to present how we are struggling with to live in a civilized world or primitive world. I did not put too much facts in the speech, so my speech is not persuasive.

Because I cannot play my video, so here I will describe how my short film looks like. Basically the film is about an introduction to the ecosystem. I list some facts such as the result of interrupt ecosystem, and persuade audiences by explain how to balance it. But I must say I copied and pasted pictures online, so I have to change my film more appropriate. The film is about 1 minute long, which I think is a perfect time line for a presentation.

This campaign gave me a very good chance to practice my speech and my understanding to the project. But I have to improve it because is not persuasive, it still do not have enough facts. Facts have connection to almost any presentations, including speech. I will put more facts and information into my next project or media campaigns.

Reflection on the topic ” Power and leadership”

For this semester we discussed about the perspectives of power and leadership. We absorbed our knowledge based on biographies, novels and movies.Power comes from our conscious, and our conscious changes our perspective and behaviors.

Connect to the topic,the desires of power and leadership comes from two factors: One is environmental affection, another one is personal affection. A part of our understanding comes from the society, and other parts of understanding comes from the objective of knowledge and our independent thinking.

This topic extended my knowledge through the definitions of power and leadership. After I finished the novel and the movie, I came with a new understanding of the topic.

First power is not a object, but power can be objective. Here ” objective” means power shows itself through any other subjects, such  as our personality.


Reflection on ” Power and leadership” presentation

I had a presentation last Friday, the unit we are study in is ” Power and leadership” , and our presentations can be a way to show our understanding of topics. Everyone chooses different ways to show their understanding. I prepared my speech and my plan, my plan is to have an activity with class, to let them understand my research question clearly , but also let them to understand the inequality in society.

I think my speech is not clear because  some of parts are still not perfect, I didn’t make a clear point about my topic. Though my question is about the style you use your power and leadership, but some of parts are out of topic.

I have a lot of places that I should improve in, compare to others, I realized I need to improve the understanding of this field in the future. This presentation was unique, everyone use different ways to show their understanding instead just talk for two periods time. In my perspective, this kind of learning activity is helpful to us, but of course we cannot always rely on it. Your knowledge comes from teachers and yourself, and you also need to have independent thinking as well.

I like this presentation because in my perspective, I feel satisfy when I entertain and show my opinion to others, but it also taught me how to improve yourself in a different way.

Reflection on trip

Last week school organized G9 and G10 students to go to the regions that near to Tibetan area in China.

We left Chengdu on last Sunday and arrived our first destination Yingxiu . 7 years ago an earthquake destroyed almost all the buildings here, but now the town was rebuild by local government. National government built an museum to memorize the victims and people who sacrificed themselves for saving others life. We saw the horrible situation people suffered in after the earthquake, but we felt respectful to their spirits and faith. After visited the museum, we went to a heritage of a local middle school. The construction of this school was damage by earthquake.

We left Yingxiu after we finished the lunch, this little town settled in a mountain region, most mountain regions in China are lack and undeveloped in technology and education. I understand Chinese government put a lot of efforts un developing mountain areas, but they cannot consider them all.

At the evening we lived in a guesthouse in Qiang village. Qiang is one of Chinese majority group, as the oldest majority in China, Qiang people developed their cultures and traditions thousand years ago. The owner of the guesthouse prepared food for us and we all enjoyed in it. Later Mr.Brain took us to top of  one of the highest hill , so we could viewing the whole village. Later on G9 and G10 students go separately , for G10 we visited a private house but also a tourism place known as Yan House, the owner of the house, Mr.Yang, introduce the structure of the house by led us to inside of it. He told us his ancestors built this house for defense the inventors from other regions. Though we have no  ideas who built this house, but it is clear that the construction of the house was complex and unique.

We have the fantastic Qiang local food for the dinner,the major vegetable here is potato, their rice tasted weird because  the rice cannot adopt the altitude and weather condition in this region.

We left Qiang village next morning, and we arrived in our second destination Heishui. People in Heishui are friendly, they waved their hands while we in the bus, because it’s rarely for them to see foreigner here.

The hotel was nice and warm,I share room with the guide because all other girls has their partners except me.

After we finished lunch, the cars from monastery took us to the top of the mountain. We met the head of the monastery, and he introduced the culture of Buddhism. The head of the monastery explained the daily life of a monk, and he took us to the second floor of monastery which known as their library. After we visited monastery, we enjoyed in playing frisbee outside. Then we left monastery, and we went to a Tibetan restaurant for dinner.

Our phones were collecting by Mr. Brain next morning because we behaved bad, therefor we cannot communicate to our parents, for whole day we were trying to find ways to persuade Mr. Brain, but he promised to return our phones when we go back to school.

Everyone seems different without phones, we chatted on the bus, but of course I knew everyone miss their phones so much. We arrived Dagu glaciers and took the buses which can go to the tourist places and the cable car station.

It was too early for us to come here, between full there will be a jungle with nbelievable red leaves on the trees. But the landscape still attracted me a lot, the lakes are so clean that you even can see the bottom part of the lakes. We finally arrived the cable car station, though we were locate at the higher part of the mountain, but the temperature was still hot because of the strong ultraviolet rays. We haven’t considered this situation, therefor most of us took off the coats and jackets, but we realized the actual temperature of the glacier.

We discovered the condition and position problems of mountain regions in higher altitude, the plants become less as we raised to a higher place, it might be caused by weather condition and soil qualities.

A cold wind swiped to us after arrived the glacier, because this place contains only a few oxygen , some of us were lack in it. We sat down on the  ground and took few pictures, this represent we finished our goals, we arrived our destination successfully. After we returned to town, we went to the center square and joined in the dance activity with local people.

I realized something unusual to me, children who lived here looks happy and satisfied, different from children in the city now, they found what childhood really is.

We arrived in school and went back home individually, this trip not just only influenced me by beautiful landscape, but also influence me by it’s actual meaning.

Conclusion and response on ” The Wave”

Most of us spend our whole life to complete our wishes of power and authorities, the desiring to control others is over the desiring to control ourselves. But what’s the results we get ?  Are we really satisfy on what we already have?

After finished the book ” The Wave“, one character that might be thoughtful to me, but this character never  exit in this book, we called it ” history”. I must say I feel surprise and understandable to the history teacher and students , and to their actions.

We knew we have potential powers, we always trying to make ourselves independence, but in other side we ignore one of the important factor: How our potential abilities change our perspective on it. You cannot imagine how loyalty and how mad the students treat their leader, related to the real historical events, you will find out that this is one of the error on personality growth.

Therefor, the reason for why the principle of this school tried a lot of ways to block the community. You might feel confuse for why the school want to limit or to destroy a tiny community here, and you probably think it’s a great idea to set up this community because we finally know how to collaborate with each others.

The truth is, even a tiny group can break our limitation by their horrible community spirits, so there’s only one thing which makes people frightened, is the conversation of human feeling.

Research question: ” How does the power and leadership change social orders?”2

what most attract me is the perspective of corruption in different levels and where does power comes from.

Suppose if we give overall power to a person, will this person follow what we exactly want he is? The truth is, people who are in lower and middle level are the major power to change the social orders.

Most  famous leaders were born in unstable periods of their countries, people need a representative to overthrow what they against of, and their representatives are able to have equal treatment and justice. But a leader cannot solve problems perfectly if this leader have too much powers. Just ignore feudalism, there’s only a group who control all of the powers based on democratic society, and this group called people. Therefor, if you want to be a leader of the society, the basic requirement for you is to persuade a group of people.

One of the major problem is how to control a large group of people. Same as the limitation of a teacher, if there’s only a few students in classroom, it is easier for a teacher to understand the abilities and needs for each of the students. But this teacher cannot consider too much of them if there’s a large group of students in here.

Same as in political system, leaders who are response to lead a small group are more thoughtful than leaders who have power to control a large group. In fact, the owner of the power is the local citizens, because they have power to elect a leader and to overthrow a leader.





Research question : ” How does power and leadership change the social order” 1

After finished the book “ The Wave“, a question come to me: Can a person with strong power are able to change the society? Or even a nation?

A good example of  this question was Martin Luther King , who encouraged thousand of black people in U.S to fight for their freedom and respect. What shocked me is the spirits of King’s followers, and even King was surprise that his followers are so loyalty and trust-worthless to him. King believed the best solution for discrimination is to forgive each others, he do not encourage his followers solve the problems through an unreasonable solutions such as against the cops, however, he only have power to persuade a group, not to stop a group.

Same in ” The Wave“, the founder of  ” Wave” never expect to spread his party that so far, and finally he was involve in this impasses.

Relate to the question , we see that every leaders never want their parties into an unmanageable situation.

One factor that can cause a crowd into mad is the faith of a person, in general, a faith is a spiritual force of a person, and a understanding of the importance of this faith is propaganda or expand it.


Passion project

My passion project is about discover the work of human brain by doing experiments.  Because I changed my passion project during this semester, so I cannot finish on time. I first bought a brain model online and try to memorize all the parts of huam brain.

I found that prefrontal can affect the movement of a person through the central nervous system, and I test my hypothesis by set up an activity between Mrs.T according a famous psychological experiment known as ” House-Tree-Person” by a psychologist named John Buck.

The function of ” House-Tree-Person ” test is going to find out a person’s personality or their mental disorders by looking at their drawing lines and position.

Here is the result of Mrs.T:

  • The position of the picture is on the left side, means pay more attention to her inside actions( emotional change.)
  • Long and straight lines: Have strong self control, but easy to cause angry and have aggressive thinking.
  • The position of house, tree and person are all face front: Not easy to balance  emotions.
  • Description not clear: Introvert, easy to get depression.

From the result, we can see a person’s personality by identify his or her drawing lines and what images did they draw.

One statement is wrong, which known as while people doing something that is creative, they usually use their right-brain. The definition of right-brain that most people think is to create and balance, but in fact we use both our left-brain and right brain when we are doing works.

One good example is from Mrs.T’s experiment result. Everyone absorb their knowledge from someone else, we often use those knowledge through logical way, which cause by left-brain actions. When someone is drawing, our left-brain and right-brain work togather.

In the future, the devices I need including:

  • Microscope
  • Specimen( Blood or nervous )


Comparing to Chinese education system and American education system

Negative side: A Chinese public school education is not better than American public school education.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today the resolution is ” Chinese public school education is better than American public school education”, we on the negative team strongly oppose this resolution.

To begin, education is an important process for human life, most of our life style depends on the education quality. American public school education is one of the most open and humanize education systems.

Our first point is American education is much more open than Chinese education.

” School in China equal boring and pure memorizing.” Said Rich Barlow, the author of ” Chinese students adjust to American education” Chinese school requires students to memorize what they must learn. But American public school education encourage students to self-study outside the classroom, and have their own question and thinking.

Our second point is American education does not just focus on learning ability, but also on improving student’s ideas.

“Chinese are taught discipline, American are taught human rights.” said Mr.Liu, a English teacher who works in Chinese public school. American education encourage students to think and question more, which makes students more independent. But Chinese education system only tells you what must be correct and what must be wrong, and you do not need to question them.

To sum up, American education system is better than Chinese education system , because it is great for developing student’s study and thinking ability.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen,. We beg to oppose.


Reflection on “Frankenstein” presentation

This week we do the presentation of “Frankenstein” on Mrs.T’s class, we presented our ethical questions by doing different types of presentation. Me and Bruce were doing the poster last week, we compare and contrast Victor Frankenstein by searched the stories of two scientists who influenced the world a lot.

I think our presentation do not have enough information and details, we only found the similar examples for positive and negative side of our ethical question: ” Why do people explore new technology?” We also have problems on following main ideas, we did not exactly follow our topic.

But we still have good side, we collaborated successfully and our poster was excellent.

To improve understanding of our topic, we cannot just search but also think. Except the information that comes from website, we need our personal thinking and use our knowledges to find out our question.